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Hi, on Arduino Playground I read about how to make the shield work better with stepper motors by modifying it. It recommends connecting E22-E2 and E12-E1 on the connection strip steppers using jumpers. Can anyone explain this, as I am unable to understand what is E22 etc? Is E22 digital 22 on the Arduino 2560 Mega?

Also, what are the connection strip steppers? It also recommends removing IC2, how do I do this?
I am just beginning to learn about Arduino, but have managed to upload some sketches and got the stepper motor to turn.
Thanks for any advice.

I am trying to build an electronic focuser for a telescope. The software will not get the stepper to turn, although it seems to be connecting. There is a Yahoo group-SGL Observatory where this is discussed.



on Arduino Playground

Where, it is a big place?
Link please.


Motor Control Shield v3.0 - The missing manual-I don't know how to post a link, but this is the title-here is the part I was talking about.


Using the Arduino stepper library in 4-pin mode can be achieved the following way:
Install jumpers or wire bridges (vertically) on the connection strip STEPPERS, connecting E22-E2 and E12-E1 . This connects IC3's inputs 1A and 4A with the pins E1/E2 (Arduino pins 8 and 9).
Remove IC2
Bridge IC2 pins 4 and 12, connecting DIRA/Arduino 12 with IC3 2A
Bridge IC2 pins 6 and 9, connecting DIRB/Arduino 13 with IC3 3A


-I don't know how to post a link

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Here's the link. Or http://arduino.cc/playground/MotorControlShieldV3/0

I'm researching exactly this right now. I'm not able to make complete sense out of the author's directions either. I have the Arduino MotorShieldR3 as well as a Rugged Circuits Rugged Motor Shield. I've got a couple control projects I'm working on and in both of them, the servo gets HOT.

I'm wondering if on the arduino motor shield, I could simply cut the brake jumpers on the back of the board...? I'll try that later and report back.


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