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Case in point: if you develop for A9, you will see many listed as OEMs for that chip but you will hardly find any datasheet or reference manual for those chips without signing away your family.

And the development there is done pretty much exclusively with OEM-provided sdk, much in the same way as Netduino is doing.

The general trend makes sense as dealing with hardware is expensive: for small micros, you code in assembly; for medium micros, you code in C + libraries sometimes; for big micros,  you code via sdk / os.


So just out of curiosity, exactly what do I need to do to start programming a netduino on my Mac?


1) Buy a PC;
2) Run windows.


It is easy to get into a contest of "Mine is bigger/better than yours!" and that depends on what you want to do and what biases, skills, etc. that you bring to the project.  The great thing is we are able to have  "Mine is bigger/better than yours!" contests because there are many options on the market, this is great because it allows people a better shot at finding something they work with and enjoy doing it.

Options is GOOD


There is also:
1> Install bootcamp
2> run windows


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