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File this in the obvious folder, but I want to double check before I put solder to board. I bought SainSmart HMC5883L compass board  (http://www.dsscircuits.com/articles/the-mysterious-hmc5883l.html) and have done all the requisite reading and research. It comes with a pin header for mounting in a breadboard (as I intend to) but the pins are bent 90 degrees. So, if I solder this thing up with the supplied pins, the board would actually sit vertically.

As I understand it, this thing MUST sit horizontally in order to work as it is not compensated by an accelerometer, so I should substitute the 90 degree pins for straight pins if I want it to mount in a breadboard sitting on a table.  Am I right in this, or am I overthinking?

I'm double checking since I've bought a lot of stuff from sainsmart and everything has always been perfect, though underdocumented. Always enough of the right parts, etc, always good quality stuff, no failed units, etc. Now I have right angle pins where I would expect straight pins.

regards, Richard

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