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I'm having problems with my BTshield.. I can't seem to make it work.. I can't make the two LEDs of my BT shield to blink alternatively to know if it's inquiring or pairing..

When using the serial monitor or HT comm, i can't get any response.. like OK, or +BTSTA:0..

What should I do?..

What code should I use?

How can i set the it to AT command mode so i can change its configuration?

my BTshield-EGBT-04S(slave only): http://www.e-gizmo.com/KIT/BLUETOOTH%20SHIELD.html

Thanks in advance guys..


I can't make the two LEDs of my BT shield to blink alternatively to know if it's inquiring or pairing..

Why do you expect to be able to control the LEDs? I suspect that, from your point of view, they are read-only.

Personally, the level of support from e-gizmo would be enough to keep me from ever buying anything from them. Did you ask them how to use it? Do they even know?

Guy Cothal

it looks like a serial connection on Serial 0/1 pins...which mead you have to either power off the unit, unplug it from the arduino or even run it on Serial1 Serial2 or Serial3 if you have a Mega style board


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damn, and all this time I thought the Seeed Studio BT shield was bad. this thing looks terrible given the lack of info. but I did find this:
http://pial.net/post/Using-the-HC-05-Bluetooth-RS232-Serial-module-for-cheap-wireless-communication-with-your-uController.aspx Give it a shot.
also, fwiw, from the picture on the scant 5 page manual the BT module itself looks 98% exactly like the Seeed Studio shield.
it looks like this thing can be connected using SPI also. I may have to make some changes to my board.

(btw, if you're wondering where I got the HC-05 number from; check figure 3. the BT module is labeled as "Mod1     HC-05/06")

just found this page also:


The LEDs are just indicators, to tell me the BT shield is inquiring, pairing and connected..

I'm trying to pair and connect my BT shield with my android phone.. so i need to configure the BT shield's baud rate.. The problem is I can't get the serial terminal or any terminal emulator to respond to any AT commands.. thus, i can't change the Baud Rate..

What should I do?

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