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For my next arduino based project, I'm going to use an EtherMega (arduino mega with onboard ethernet) to read 10-20 sensors and then transmit the values via UDP to a PC over Lan. From the PC I'll send commands to the arduino which will then transmit via TTL to a pololu maestro to control some servos.

Am I going to run into issues with delays in the loop since the arduino reads/writes to UDP, reads sensors, and also transmits data over TTL? I'm trying to avoid any kind of delays/errors/failed transmissions because the arduino can't keep up and I'm wondering if this even a good idea. I know the Mega a powerful controller, but since the loops are synchronous I'm not so sure.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Why not try it to see how it works if you already have the hardware?
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The hardware is currently being shipped, just doing some pre-planning and checking if anyone else has any tips or advice.


Is the prokect going to set up a server and display info to that?

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