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This is very easy to do with IR, much easier than everyone is suggesting.

My lap timer project uses a single IR Emitter LED driven by 555 Timers at 38Khz this single LED is enough to trigger the lap timer wen it is installed in an RC Car travelling at 60Km/h.

As goforsmoke has suggested the detector needs to be shaded in an enclosure of some sort, I used a small project box and spray painted the insides with non reflective/ultra flat camo paint. The detected is mounted about 20mm back from the enclosure opening.

Lap timer in action and the transponder build -

As for sunlight, Dubai has more of that than just about anywhere else in the world and the simple system works very well here.

Duane B



Thank for replies! Now I'm trying to make it with IR, something similar to DuaneB solutin, but I'm generating signal not with 555's but with attiny25 on external oscillator. I'll write when everything will be made, working and tested :)

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