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i have searched everywhere looking for a Caesar cipher but i only found one or two for the Arduino so i created one using them as reference

I'm just listing it here for future arduino users with comments

i used a xbee pro for this coding and the coding is very compact

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#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
SoftwareSerial zigBee(3,2);
char message;  int cases = 0;  int shift = 0; int choice = 0;  char cases2;
void setup()
{ // connecting to the serial monitour and zigbee
      zigBee.begin(9600);  Serial.begin(9600);
      Serial.println(" ");  Serial.println("  to transfer enter number 1");  Serial.println("  To receive enter number 2");
  // check if anything is writen into the serial monitour
  while (Serial.available()<=0){}
  if (Serial.available()>=0){    choice = Serial.read();}}
void loop(){ // the tranismitting part of the caesaer cipher
    if (choice==49)    {// the number 1 in ascii format // making sure something is entered into the serial
          Serial.println("  Please enter the amount of shifts between 1 and 25");
      while (Serial.available()<=0){} // if the serial monitour
      if (Serial.available()>=0){  shift = Serial.parseInt();
      if (shift <26){
      // makeing sure the shift amouint if less than 26 same as the aplpha bet
      // print to the serial monitour and the zigbee with a delay to make sure the user has enough time to enter the shift amount
          Serial.println("  shift amount accepted!");   Serial.print("the shift entered is: ");   Serial.println(shift); zigBee.print(shift);      delay(500);}
          // if the shift amount is more than 25 than they will be mmet with an error message and loop back to the begining
      else {  Serial.println("  the amount of shifts entered is invalid");   delay(500);   loop();   }}
      // if the shift amount is correct than they can start to enter their message
              Serial.println("  Enter Message");
      while (Serial.available()>=0){ if (Serial.available()>0){ cases = Serial.read();
      // the cases is red to make sure the letters entered is either upper case or lowercase using the ascii format 65 to upper case A
      if (cases>='A' && cases<='Z'  ){ // if ther cases are upper case then print them in both the serial monitour and the zigbee
             cases-=65;  message = (cases+shift)%26;    message +=65;  cases2=cases+65; Serial.print(message); zigBee.print(cases2); delay(1000);  message = 0;
            } // checking if the case is lower case and then printing them into the serial monitour abd zugbee
          else  if (cases>='a' && cases<='z'){  cases-=97;    message = (cases+shift)%26;    message +=97; cases2= cases +97;Serial.print(message); zigBee.print(cases2);  delay(1000); message = 0;  }
            // if the letters is a symbol or number then print blank or space
          else  if (cases == ' '  ){      message= cases;  Serial.print(message);   zigBee.print(" ");   delay(1000);   message = 0;}}}       }
      // the recieving part of the caeser cipher
      if (choice==50){ // the number 2 in ascii format      
        Serial.println("  conversion in progress");      
        // this part will check if anything was sent and check the shift amount and convert it into letters
      while (zigBee.available()>=0){ if (zigBee.available()){ shift = zigBee.parseInt();          
      // if the shift amount was less than
      if (shift<26){Serial.println("  conversion completed");
            Serial.println("  Receiving shift amount to decrypt");
            // is there something in the zigbee then read it and print it and if there isnt keep loopping
            while (zigBee.available()>=0)
            {  if (zigBee.available()) {cases2 = zigBee.read();Serial.print(cases2);}}}
          else {  loop();}}}}  
          else {  Serial.println("  error only 1 or 2 are allowed to choose between reciever and transmiter");      delay(1000);      setup();   }}  

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