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Kind of a weird question but after hours of googling and not finding exactly what i need i thought i should ask here.
I have made a beautiful drawing to help you understand what i need the name of.
Or maybe if you guys have another solution that would be helpful.
But i think these are my best options as of yet but cant order em if i cant find them.

What i basically want is guide a smooth wire in both directions. There are going to be lots of linear actuators pulling down or pulling up a wire and the wire needs to go freely trough all the holes.
So we need the linear actuator hole to be as frictionless as possible.
What i think we need is pulleys opposite of each other that guide the wire or a ballbearingring thing.

I have searched and found so much but something like twin pulleys isnt exactly what i need. It needs to be very close to eachother.

I hope you guys can help me.
Thanks in advance.


Looks very similar to the rollers used to feed wire in a MIG welder. In that case there would be two rollers with grooves that squeeze and grip the wire, and one of them would be powered to drive the wire - a screw adjuster would set the clamping tension. It doesn't sound as if you need the rollers to be driven in your case, so you just need a pair of idler pulleys with a suitable groove, in a housing that springs them together.

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