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Hey guys,
I am trying to get the Arduino due to work with my Galaxy Nexus(Android v4.2). The sketch i am using is the example given with the arduino 1.5 bundle. The app installed is the one provided by the link in the sketch. The Nexus is only charging and is not recognizing the Due connected to it. Has anybody got it to work with the Nexus or any other device.



Hi, read this. I have not been able to get further than what is described in the topic.



Yea i saw that thread too. But cannot get it to work at all. Even in that thread there were other people facing the same problem with the G Nexus i.e. It was not recognizing the board and was only charging. Hopefully somebody has got it work or has a solution to this?


Please let me know if you find a solution!

I've been playing around with modifications to the USBHost library to make it work better but I simply don't have the time to rewrite it properly! Turning on TRACE_USBHOST in Usb.h makes it work much much better, but at the expense of way too much debug output over serial. I believe it's simply a timing issue: the new Android devices are too slow, or the Due is too fast. Debugging slows down the sketch, thereby giving the Android time to switch to Accessory mode.

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