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Hi everyone,

I am new to Arduino. Please bear with me as I check for feasibility of the project. I have the following questions to evaluate (sorry I can't give the overall story yet as it has to stay under wrap until product is in demo)

1- What GSM modules are available that support SMS + Arduino NANO? (if they can do DATA it would be a bonus)
2- I would like to power the board and modules with AA batteries. What add-ons or modules do I need to use AA batteries to power the unit?
3- Wouldn't it be better for me to look into cellphone alternatives that would connect to Arduino Nano rather than a GSM module?

***I need advice to lower the price of this hacked product to as low as possible.



How long do you want the batteries to last.
Its feasable to do , but the battery life will be pretty short, less than 2 hours at best.


Hmmm...that's not nice. I would like this to last for 6 months. Is Arduino not the right board for me? I thought there were other projects that use 4 AA batteries, a motor, and wifi module and it all can last 6-12 month on AA batteries.


Are you wanting a GSM module or a wi fi module.
They arnt the same thing.
In your original post you mentioned a GSM module.
Even an Arduino by itself wont run for 6 months on AA batteries,even in sleep mode as
The USB chip alone pulls around 15 ma ,which for AA batteries of 2500 maH will last around 7 days.
The GSM modules are the problem , power wise to run off AA batteries.
Heres the specs for a typical GSM Arduino shield.

Idles at 7 ma , on Transmit consumption anywhere from 300 ma up to 3000 ma.


Mauried - Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I need GSM module. What I said was that "I thought there were OTHER projects with wifi...." that lasted very long.

Can you please explain how AA batteries work in mAh? Was your calculation based on 1 AA battery or it doesn't make a difference even if there were 4 AA batteries?


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