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On my Mac when I start Arduino 1.0.1 I get an empty sketch (sketch_nov26a) - todays date
If goto Arduino/Sletch/Show Sketch Folder I am shown a folder in /var/folders/7l/hn (etc)/T/untitled (etc)/sketch_nov26a, there are several such paths.

In preferences I see the standard Sketch folder - ~/Documents/Arduino etc.

If I look in preferences.txt there is no entry for a /var/... folder

If I do an ls on the folder it all looks normal (not a link), but OSX finder displays th1.0.1e Sketch with a Parallels - which I have installed and do use, but it is not in use at this moment - marker.

There are several similar sketches so it seems to add one every time I open Arduino.

If I use Arduino 1.0 (newly opened from the Download) the same thing happens.

When in parallels I run Visual Studio 2012 with the Arduino for Visual Studio plugin - so it would appear that there is some interaction going on (I will copy this and post it to their forum as well).

Any ideas/comments will be welcome!



Sorry for the lack of response. It isn't possible to monitor questions in the arduino forum due to the volume of discussions.

It would be good to work through this issue in the visual micro forum which is dedicated for the visual studio plugin.

Having said that the plugin is designed for microsoft windows users and dev time is limited. Currently dev is working towards arduino 1.5 + chipKit, wiring etc.

We can't slow down dev for Apple Mac users but if you would like to help us get to the bottom of this issue then we will try to find the time.

The only setting that the Visual Studio plugin uses from the arduino ide is the "Sketch Book Folder" path. The simplest fix might be to let you set this path in the Visual Studio options thus removing the need for the plugin to look at the Arduino config.

Does this make sense? If so and if you would like to see this work completed then please raise a thread in http://www.visualmicro.com/forums

Arduino for Microsoft Visual Studio Pro and Atmel Studio 6.1 http://www.visualmicro.com
Arduino Debugger http://www.visualmicro.com/post/2012/05/05/Debug-Arduino-Overview.aspx

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