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im kind of a newbie on arduino and i need help from experts :p

I've been able to display pretty much what i want on my GLCD TF7565 using th u8glib library. I'm able to display a string using this commande
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u8g.drawStr(0, 0, "hello world");

but i want to display a double that i converted to a string but when i do something like this:
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String testString;
//code puting a double value in testString
u8g.drawStr(0, 0, testString);

the program is giving  me an error while compiling, it says:
no matching function for call to 'U8GLIB_LM6059::drawStr(int,int,String&)

im i doing something wrong or its just impossible to display a previously stored String using the u8glib library ?

Thank you !


I assume, that you need to convert the String object to a character array before passing it to drawStr.
Use http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/StringToCharArray.



I just tried it and its working Thank you so much !!!!


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glcd includes overloaded functions to handle all the string types.
For String it uses an overloaded wrapper function to handle it.
For u8g, It would be something like:

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u8g_uint_t U8GLIB::drawStr(u8g_uint_t x, u8g_uint_t y, String &str )
  return( drawStr(x, y, str));

--- bill

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