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HI all i came across this in my attic, i had forgotten about it,

Just wondering if anyone had seen anyone do something with it on the Arduino so far?

10 times 8x8 matrix displays
2 off 74ABT541 Octal Buffer
1 off HEF4028BT  1 - 10 Decoder
1 off UDN2982LW  8 channel source driver
10 off UCN5822A 8 Bit Serial Input latch drivers

I am currently trying to reverse engineer the schematic to make sense of it and see how diffuclt or simple it would be to run with an Arduino :)

Thanks All


OK, so i think i have decoded the schematic and it looks as if the Cathodes (Columns) are being driven via serial, ( UCN5822A ) per 8x8 Matrix, with the Anodes (Rows) being driven via a 8 channel driver, by a BCD (HEF4028BT)
I will post my (very rough) schematic below,

Where the Wavy lines break up the signal lines it is to denote that each line has an Inductor, resistor and Mosfet in as a switching circuit,

So i guess my question is, are there any libraries or anything that might help me get this up and running? i have searched the forums with little success.




Hmmm, maybe its time I hunted around in my attic to see what's lurking(!)

Post a photo when its lit up?  Any part numbers on the modules?
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Yea, the Matricies are CSM-88121Y, i have a data sheet for them and i have a rough idea of how the shift registers will work the display, but not the BCD chip, is that just to count up and refresh each column ?

Its a bit over my head at the moment..



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