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Hi Everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has a link or a good source for a begginer to understand code for the MyTouch library?

I was able to figure out the UTFT library by playing around with the examples, and there was a good manual on the HK site. But, the My Touch manual is not as detailed and I can not find much info. And, the included examples are not as easy to disect for me as the UTFT examples were.

Keep in mind I have no C++ programming experience...or any for that matter, so I am looking for something that will give it to me simply. Or, some other example code besides the included button example that I can anylize and play around with until I figure out what bits of the code does what.

Thanks for any guidence!


If you need to learn more about C++ I'd recommend having a look at the tutorial at cplusplus.com


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