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Hello friends!  Im having a lot of trouble figuring this out.  Im building a small rover,   3 WD  with amni wheels, gunna be awesome,  but i cant seems to find a motor shield that will supply 3 DC motors.  I need at around 2 amps out of the motor and around 12 volts, i dont want it going insanely slow.  The adfruit shield is only good for very small motors and the L298 only supports 2 motors.  Can i make my own bridge.  Advice?   thanks for your time!


Can i make my own bridge.

in the link, use four high current transistors or a bunch of smaller ones attached in parallel. Also, instead of connecting the input to a 7414 ic, just attach it to the arduino.

Or if you have unlimited funds you could get a few of these: http://www.ifirobotics.com/victor-883-speed-controller-robots.shtml 8)


can you controll speed and direction? with the transistor circuit?


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Is there enough room on the uno to fit three?

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