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Hi all,

I am planning to use the MB102 Breadboard power supply module for my project, kinda stupid though, what i am in doubt is...
Is it a plug to use module?  cause when i attempt to do so, there is no voltage at the output.  is jumper wiring required to make this thing

Another question is about the SM5100b GSM cellular Shield.  In order to prevent short burst, an external power supply is given to the shield at the 5v pin on the shield.  reference to http://tronixstuff.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/tutorial-arduino-and-gsm-cellular-part-one/
, however, whenever i apply the external power to the shield, i have the error code as: AVRdude not in Sync().  In the fear of burning
the Shield and  the arudino altogether.  Is there another way of connecting the external 5v 2A to the shield?



Is it a plug to use module?  cause when i attempt to do so, there is no voltage at the output.  is jumper wiring required to make this thing

From what I can see there are two removable  jumper pins on each output to select whether you want 3.3 volts or 5 volts..You must select what you want.. Center position is no voltage, either left or right selects what you want.No external wiring should be needed..Just  power it with either USB or a 9volt dc walwart and you should be good to go once you do the above.
The second question I will leave to others to answer..


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Hi again!

Thank you for answering my question in the first place :D.  I have selected the voltage ( 5v ), please refer to the attachment.
There is still no power being supplied to the bread board... and the AMS1117 chips is smoking :smiley-eek-blue:  Is the chips being defective or its me..? the power being supplied to the Bread Board power module is from a 220VAC to 9VDC transformer.  Any help will be appreciated!  Thanks in advance! XD



Hello again,
From your attached picture it looks to me like you selected 3.3 volts not 5 volts. Second smoking chips is NOT good..I cannot tell from the picture if you have any load to the Bread board or not but assuming not..Then look at the possible problems you may have.
Are you really feeding 9volts  DC not AC to your(MB102) power supply?Is the voltage much much higher than 9 volts? Is it the correct polarity DC? You should invest in  or borrow a  small voltmeter to determine if any of the above conditions exist.
You do not have to have to have your bread board attached to the power supply(MB102) to test it. Detach your wall supply connector to the(MB102) and verify it is correct first..Ideally your wall supply should be somewhere around 7 volts to say 15 volts DC.
Finally, at this point if your chips smoked you may have already fried them??  Hope not..
If I forgot to mention anything others please feel free to jump in and help.



Is the chips being defective or its me..?

Sorry but it will be you.
Get a voltmeter, they are less than $10 at a thrift store, you can't do any electronics without one.

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