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part of code

void rec_tab(){
  byte i=0,chk=0,j=0;
    if (Serial.available()>0){
      in_buff[j] = Serial.read();
      if (j==in_buff[1]+2) break;

  lcd.print("  after break ");

Why break clear chk ??
Before break LCD display 0xA3  after break 0x00 ??


Have you tried posting down the street at snippets-r-us.com? Here, we get to see ALL of your code, posted using the code icon (with the #), not the quote icon.


break isn't clearing chk, your code is changing it.  break exits the innermost enclosing loop or switch statement with immediate effect.
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break does not break out of "ifs", only loops. Your break leaves the while loop.

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