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I am thinking of an automated garden, but some other projects too.

I recently built a green house controller :).  Sensors included: DHT11 (cheap), DHT22, Ds18b20, photoresistor, Atlas PH & EC stamps.
I would recommend the following resistors: 150~470 ohm resistors for LEDs, 1K's for driving (general) transistors, 4.7K's for ds18b20 pullups, 3.3K for DHT pullups, 10K and 33k for general pullups.
I would recommend heat sinks for the voltage regulators especially if he will be driving an lcd display and relays.


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That drawer cabinet seems perfect. Since I am not in the USA, I can't get that, but I am looking for something like that.
All I see is small plastic boxes in DX, but I don't think are as useful as yours. Not convinced with them... Still looking

JoAnn fabric is a store in the US that is mostly geared towards selling sewing supplies and other craft type things.  If you have craft stores where you live, they might have similar cabinets (in the USA, there is JoAnn fabric, Michaels, A.C. Moore).  Also you can find similar things in hardware/home improvement stores for storing nails.  Finally, looking in stores that having fishing supplies, since a fishing tackle box also has many little drawers and slots.  I am in the middle of organizing right now, as I'm tired of having to do a 1/2 hour search for say a resistor.

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