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Is Sitopway cheap for small quantity prototyping?

Let's say 2x3", 10 pcs. Any idea what that would cost?

not sure, you would have to contact then i will try to find direct contact email, they were the cheapest direct chinese pcb house, i contacted at least 15. 7 day turnaround amazing DHL, just about to place another order again, soon to make a 100 order.

im with BillO, on largeish numbers the price just gets ridiculous cheap

yky_sws@163.com thats a direct email for kevin, very very helpfull and friendly


Facts just don't care if you ignore them.


I've been using PCBCart.com since 2007.... have placed bulk orders and re-orders totaling a couple thousand boards with them over last 5 years for several projects. Never had any problems with my boards/products.

On your 1st order, you pay the setup fee.
On your re-orders, you just pay the per PCB cost.

typical 4.5" x 6" PCB is about $3.50 (re-order), with Rohs, Gold Fingers, routed cutouts, routed edges (card connector), and your choice of solder mask color.  

Shipping back to the US is about 3 days, via Fedex. Package is on my doorstep the morning of the 3rd day. :)

For QUICK PCB prototypes, 3-5 days turnaround ( i.e. final check before I send the gerbers to PCBCart for bulk orders), I use PCBFabExpress.com.  Yes, a bit expensive, but the quick turnaround time is great. Typically $90-$100 for (5) boards (any size).


I've used PCBcart as well. Very good and they take Altium files so no gerber mistakes which I like. They even spotted a small mistake once and because they had the CAD file they could fix it.

That said, from what I've heard here I may give Sitopway a go next time, PCBcart's setup fees are a bit steep so the first prototype run is a bit expensive.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


I'll probablly give Sitopway a try too. Digging around their website, I see they do PCB Assembly too (which PCBCart doesn't). And with small minimum orders too!

Yeah, PCBCart is a no-go for first prototype run, but for bulk orders of a proven design, it's great.

Another good company (based in Canada), but PCB manufacturing/assembly done with their partner in China, is Myro.ca
Prices just a tad bit higher than PCBCart, but quality seems also better.... I *love* their gold plated pads option (but unfortunately, they don't do large areas of gold, like card edge fingers).

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