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I'm planning to buy myself a Steppermotor from Sparkfun:

I also bought a EasyDriver from Ebay, Version 4.3.
I'm planning to control the steppermotor with the Easydriver connceted to my Arduino.
The Easydriver is having a Input voltage of 12V.
I want to conncet my computer power supply to the Easydriver to provide the 12 Volt needed.
Is it possible to connect my computer power supply to the Easydriver without burning the circuit of damaging the Steppermotor.

Noik,  :)


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Sure. Just set the trimmer potentiometer fairly low so the driver doesn't exceed the 1/3 A the stepper can handle and you'll be fine.

Bildr has a fairly good writeup on doing what you want:


Good luck!


Thanks for the reply, this will help me out!   XD

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