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Sorry for the delay; I didn't see your reply.

Puzzled here. It's installed correctly many places.

Maybe it would be worth nuking the directory and starting over. 

A question: do you have a development environment with a C compiler on that PC?  It is required for the node.js serial port driver, and I wonder if that's the issue.

If you have time to give it another try after deleting what you have there, I'd appreciate the feedback.




Nice work!

Seeing the thread above, I recalled a problem with node and serial port communication I ran into a couple of weeks ago.

It seems like node-serialport has some kind of issue on Mac OSX.
Reported here https://github.com/voodootikigod/node-serialport/issues/111

Could that be lawm's problem?



How hard is it to come up with my own web interface?

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