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I am having issues with uploading sketches to a bare SAM3X chip. I have my hardware configured like the USB programming port on the DUE, using an Atmega16u2 interface. I've programmed the 16u2 with the avrisp mkii programmer, with the firmware found here:


(I've also programmed it with the .hex file read directly from the DUE 16u2 chip).

Using the same steps with a DUE, I am able to install the DUE programming port driver, and upload sketches in the Arduino IDE.

With my hardware, I am getting a code 43 (unknown USB device) when plugging into my PC. When I try to load the USB driver directly (from the arduino drivers folder), it doesn't install. I've read in a couple forum posts that the SAM3X is bootloaded by Atmel, and that there is no need to bootload the chip. Since I am observing this disparity between bare SAM3X and the DUE, I am unsure if the issue is in hardware or firmware.


I would recommend you to try the firmware for DUE contained in the Arduino IDE 1.5.1r2


Reprogramming with the .hex file in sam\firmwares\atmega16u2 produced the same result.


Try with the default USB driver that Windows can recognize as 'compatible hardware' like USB serial port. This has helped me with other third-party UNOs like Osepp. It could work with your DIY DUE. 


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I just noticed the DUE schematic has the crystal Y4 labeled as 12 MHz, when the board actually has a 16 MHz oscillator attached!

Switching these out fixed my driver recognition problem. Now when I try to program with the DUE programming port selected, the Arduino IDE recognizes the COM port of my device, but when uploading it gives error "no device found on COM #". My RX line is toggling at the proper voltage, but the SAM3X doesn't send a response.

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