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Hello I have some questions, I used arduinos time ago but i dont really remember all the tricks and details of the programing, now I want to buy my arduino and do some proeycts

I have access to a ArduinoUNO maybe that will be my option to start, now I have a Diecimila, but this one isn't mine so I will have to return it.

The ArduinoUNO is basically the same, or Im wrong?

And the more improtant question, you know a place with tutorials or videotutorials to start using libraries, and be more accurate with my programming skills? I know some but most of them only have 1 or 2 topics, not very good explained.


(P.S. Where I can find a list of something of all the old Arduinos (hardware))


Everything you are asking has already been asked (multiple times) in the forums.  Or the information is available from www.arduino.cc.
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Sorry James, I though maybe you may have a suggestion or something, thats why I put my post here, I thought this was like more relaxed, but maybe you are right I should google it more.

I have another question, the Analog inputs, monitor the voltage from 0 to 5v? and then create a scale of 0 to 1023 (the one we can see over serial monitor) , or I can connect more voltage like for example 7 volts.

I would google it anyway, but I dont want to burn my arduino haha so hope you can tell me if i'm right or should read more.



5v tops

and the biggest difference tween the 2 boards is the usb interface chip, but in the end do the same thing


and the biggest difference tween the 2 boards is the usb interface chip, but in the end do the same thing

Especially for beginner stuff, they are exactly the same.


Thank you!!!
Another question:
When I plug my arduino there is not icon for remove hardware securely,
this is the same for you guys? The secure way of unplug the arduino if is runnng is just unplug?

Thanks !!


You can unplug any time you like assuming you are not programming.
The 'safe' operation is solely for USB memory devices, and is there to ensure all copy operations have been completed.
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Something to ponder.

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