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Hello arduino tech support,

Arduino MEGA 2560 R2 getting hot in few seconds after plugging USB or AC-DC power adapter.
The microcontroller is getting hot then the heat spreading entire board. Nothing connected to board.
First , When the board connected via USB, drivers installed & board recognized by PC. Getting hot.
Next, I disconnected USB & connected power(center-positive plug) from AC-DC adapter(8.75 V). It is getting hot as usual.
Don't know what to do ?

We bought this board in South Korea. Letters on board shows "MADE IN ITALY".


Hi - If you did not buy it from a reseller - it's probably a clone - I've seen this way to many times - Faulty Mega2560 chips, solder bridges, unreliable caps & resisters. Better to get an Official one - They cost a little more, but there tend to be a very few issues with them. and official distributors will tend to replace them if sold faulty.
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I bought it long time ago from http://artrobot.co.kr/. Due to some other project works, i did not test it just after arrival. Now this is the problem. check out this website has dealership for Arduino official hardware.


Usually a chip that gets really hot has damaged IO pins, and is just a matter of time until total failure (unless it has already).
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