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I want to make a little christmas light string with three groups of RGB LEDs so I will need 9 PWM channels. I don't need much more than that other than enough program space to put some patterns in there. Since the atmega328 only has 6 PWM channels I was going to use the shiftPWM library, which I really love. But with a shift register I only need three pins. I was going to make an attempt at using ShiftPWM on an Attiny85 or 84 but just a basic sketch with just the shiftPWM library included is already 8kb so nevermind that.

I'm going to make a PCB for it and I hate to waste all the space for an atmega328 just to use three pins... Has anyone tried this softPWM library? Is it any good? More specifically is it fast enough for nice fading or are there any other issues? Keeping in mind i am quite happy with the performance of shiftPWM.

Any other suggestions? Obviously this is hardly a big problem, I just want to get things neater. Thanks


I'm JUST TODAY figuring out how this SoftPWM Library works... for my project of a 7 channel PWM sequence - its a lifesaver! I was stuck with just 6pwm's on the digital pins ans was trying to figure the best way to slip the abrupt flash of the NON PWM channels by the old eyeball... then I came across the softPWM and was able to turn digital pins D4, D7 and D8 into PWM channels! Freakin' YAY!  8)

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