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Topic: Using a TSL1402R Photodiode Array with Arduino (Read 244 times) previous topic - next topic


I am interested in using TSL1402R for a project on Spectrophotometer (based on Arduino). While, I found some information on it on arduino playground (http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/TSL1402R), yet I have lots of questions. Some of which are following:
1. Is only Arduino Due compatible with TSL1402R and not UNO or Nano?
2. How to make a GUI to read the data coming from TSL1402R? Any link for suitable GUI available shall be great.

Maybe I will have more questions once the above are answered and I make some progress further.
Thanks in anticipation.
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I'm working on a similar project.
Wanted to use Arduino Due and CMOS array sensor (photodiodes array).
Can you recommand me on a sensor?


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