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Hi there!

Alright, I managed to get the Arduino Uno talking to the ESP8266-01, and creted a Sketch that configures the module and sends UDP messages to another PC. I'm using Hercules to receive the messages.

The problem is that the messages I need to send must be in OSC format, which require filling the end with NULL characters. The exact message is "/PlayVideo\0\0" (total of 12 bytes, 2 null chars at the end), but I haven't found a way to send it, since the SoftwareSerial.write() function seems to ignore NULL chars. The same seems to happend with print() and println().

Does anyone you know any way around this? Do I need to modify the SoftwareSerial.write() function?

Thank you!



Does this help?   http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=97460.0


Definitively helped rw950431! Thank you!

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