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No problems, they look good don't they.

Re the iFrames and Chrome, with FireFox it looks fine.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Hi Dave, nice work with the new gauge on your blog site, I like the pointer you chose.

Yes, there are many options with using these gauges, colours and styling and then with many little extras to show more than just the pointer, so a bit of code.
If you don't want the gauges to roll more like real analog gauges, just leave out the tween library and call the appropriate function to not animate.
I don't know of another good looking gauge that can cram in so much display information in the one dial.

You need to be aware that they do use the html canvas element and as such will only display on HTML5 compliant browsers.
Yesterday I had a friend look at my web site using FireFox version 12 and the dial gets painted on the canvas but it didn't get up dated with the gauge data, so all he saw was NaN.
As soon as he upgraded to FireFox 17 all was good.
So, for my web site I would like to do some browser checking and let the viewer know that it is going to work or not.

Please tell me there are no people out there that still use old Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers?

Anyhow, for others, if you are interested in these fancy gauges take a look here http://harmoniccode.blogspot.com.au/search/label/steelseries
I think the guy lives in the south of Germany, near Basel (not far from the Black Forest, good motorbike riding).
He has developed these gauges for Javascript and also in Java Swing and he has also got better looking ones in the JFXtras project, which I really like.

Maybe we can start a new thread for this stuff?


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