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Yes I updated the library to only one library for Arduino Mega and Arduino Uno, I use enviroment variable to select the correct header file.
Can you explain what I must do to setup new libraries for my Uno Shield?


One method to remove Arduino libraries is to:
     find where your personal sketches are stored, do this by looking at preferences under the files tab in  the Arduino IDE
     open your personal sketches folder and select the libraries folder within it
     choose (highlight) the library you want to delete and press the delete key.
     restart the Arduino IDE.

I hope this helps. I did this on a Windows Vista machine to get rid of all the libraries that did not work with this 2.8 inch display.

Please note this will remove the library and hence it cannot work with other sketches you may have written and want to keep working.




This week i have worked hard, and I have the solution for this 2.8" TFT touch panel buyed in ebay:

I attach the Arduino Uno version and Arduino Mega version library.

This is the final version, I have refurbished the example sketches, and now work fine with Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA, including the SD card reader in Arduino MEGA.

I include a new version of SD library developed by ADAFRUIT (https://github.com/adafruit/SD).
You must extract the library in the default path in program files and overwrite the original sd library files.

I include a new S6D0154 TFT library developed by ishidoriyan (https://github.com/samuraijap/TFTLCD-Library´╗┐).

Sorry my broken English:


You are awesome. Thank you so much! You saved me a lot of work.


You are practically a "God among men" in the field of hacking crappy bargain basement Chinese components!
Congratulations and well done!


My guess, that this display from "mcufriend" lacks some filtering capacitors on power lines from arduino board, hence artifacts like those lines on half of display and unstable detection on some copies. My display shows such lines, when I power 'duinos from exrternal battery or power supply, but works without artifacts from USB. I'll try to add some later and see if it changes something.

Note: disconnecting touch panel does not affect those white lines, although touch panel uses some data pins from duino - tried that.

Also there is free unpopulated connector labeled CON1 but without pinout markings. It turns out it is only 3.3v tolerant pinout and here I give You what I found out using multimeter (GND and 3.3V pins You can find easily with multimeter)
Onboard 3.3v stabilizer U1 is only for SD card LCD

Hope this helps someone.
My "duino" show these line with any power supply connected. I'll try put same capacitors as you said.

Quote from: buhosoft
This is the final version, I have refurbished the example sketches, and now work fine with Arduino UNO and Arduino MEGA, including the SD card reader.
Thank you so much. With your code my TFT now is working, but I have the problem with white line like other friends did say here.

Ps.: Sorry my bad english.


Thanks buhosoft for all your effort. I really appriciate it from bottom of my heart.  I am newbie in world of Arduino and experts like you help us to make this world more interesting.

I have unfortunately | fortunately bought this 2.4" TFT Display (from mcufriend.com). I found it working with ardunio UNO with your library. 

I just want to make the same display work with Arduino YUN. Here the bad luck starts. I get just the white display. :( I get the LCD Driver Identifier as : BC2C. I didn;t find any help on google for this.

I confirmed the pin configuration of YUN exactly matches with UNO but no success. I am not sure what is problem here. I would appreciate if you set some direction for me.


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