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So without much thinking I order two of those 261120303957 @ebay.

I always wanted to have a Display, this is already on a shield, has touch screen and an SD slot. So without much thinking I ordered it because it looked safe.

Problem now is that there are no libs linked on the ebay page and after googling for its controller it doesn't find much. Except few AVR projects.

The seller hasn't answered yet (12h). I give him some thime but I am also eager to see it working.

So could anyone help me out?

thx n rgds

ps: the auction says that it's not compatible with Leonardo. I thought leonardo is just an normal arduino which can do HID. So I would have expected that the shield pin layout is the same. Did I miss something?=


I would have expected that the shield pin layout is the same. Did I miss something?

You could go to the "Guide to the Arduino Leonardo" at --> http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoLeonardo#toc1.

Then click on "show" in the yellow band after the first paragraph.

And then click on "Differences in pin capabilities".

This will tell you:
The Leonardo has some slight differences in the capabilities and assignments of various pins (especially for SPI and TWI). These are detailed on the hardware page.

The specific information you need is probably somewhere on that page .

Easy - wasn't it!



I am in the same boat (except using an UNO) - None of the libraries I have tried works with this shield - hoping the seller can provide a lib or some sample code.
The touch screen seems to be working with (or at least provide data from)


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