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I'm making a project that has 8 RGB LEDs.    My method for attaching / inserting them leaves something to be desired. I've drilled holes in my box top and inserted those little round black LED holders.
I'm then using crimp connector housing http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1901 along with the crimped wires http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1800
I've soldered one end of the wires onto my proto board and  put the connector housing onto the other end.  This end is connecting directly to the 4 prongs of the RGB LED.

Originally I was looking for a way to make sure everything was removeable in case anything failed.  My method is too cumbersome and can be prone to the connector coming off.

How do you attach RGB LEDs to your project?
Suggestions for my next project?


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If they are T1-3/4 size, I've been using these "cliplight" LED holders for about a million years... More than 10 years anyway. (But so far, I've never used an RGB.)

Your wood box is probably too thick for these to be installed "properly", but with a little larger hole and a little glue I've made 'em work in thick panels.


Thanks DVDdoug, I'll give those a try.
How are you connecting the LED to your board? 
Are you just permanently soldering a wire or using some kind of connector?

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