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MEOWSER is a (M)ineral (E)lement Br(owser).  A cabinet contains rocks and mineral samples.  The cabinet LED lighting is controlled via an interactive computer application that represents the periodic table OR cabinet image.  An arduino microcontroller is the interface between laptop and cabinet.  The user is able to explore the relationships between elements and minerals using MEOWSER.  All the APEX mineral samples contain the highest element concentrations obtainable.

See it here....


I'm impressed, that is a really nicely done implementation. I even learned something watching your video :) I think it would be really cool if you could incorporate a touch screen interface directly into the cabinet. Then you could walk up to the thing and start exploring it like a museum piece.


Cool display and application. But nothing on how the arduino is interfacing the leds and communicating to the PC and construction methods used. What wood working tools did you need? What size and type of leds did you use? If It's Arduino based project, we like all the gory details around here.  ;)



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