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Hello my name is Chris and I'm new to Arduino. I want to buy the board but i want to ask a few questiones.
I've read that the Leonardo can work as a plug and play device, such as a mouse. I was wondering if I can put 8 buttons and 4 rotational knobs(analog) and make a dj console, like the Midi Fighter(djTT.com). And if I can do that, it's that simple?  I mean, just sold the buttons to the board and play, or it needs programming  in the Arduino soft. If it does, can anyone help me please?
Sorry if it's another topic on this. don't ban me. Thanks


What sort of input can Ableton take?
Yes it can emulate a mouse or keyboard but you need to program it to do exactly what you want.
You might be better off sending in OSC messages but that is more programming.


One way to do it is to use a helper program like Hairless
This can convert the serial signals from the Arduino into MIDI bus format that Ableton can use.

A Teensy 3 can be programmed to look like a HID MIDI device but not the Leonardo.


4 analogue and 8 buttons as a HID device has already been done, for the UNO and the MEGA


everything you need is there, unfortunately it can't be expanded very far, but it will do what you want, no coding to do just  follow the instructions.

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