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Hey Guys
I am looking to make a cdi (capacitor discharge ignition) system for my cr125. I have been looking around to find a programmable ignition for some time now and found they are way out of my price range $600+. I saw a post from a few months back on a cdi for a scooter but no real instructions on how to build one. I have been around the cr125 for a very long time so the timing issue is not a big deal. What I am looking for is a parts list, since I am new to the whole  arduino thing. I am looking to build a cdi that has several ignition timings so all i have to do is switch to what ever timing curve I want and go. I do have a friend from a formula SAE program who can help me put it together and write the C for it. I just need a list of parts .

anything helps

:DBest Regards Cory


I suggest you look at the MegaJolt and MegaSquirt designs and consider building yourself an ignition-only one of those - that would give you proven hardware, firmware and the application to configure it.

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