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That L298N controller module can only handle one stepper motor, you would need two therefore.  One drawback with that chassis I got is that the motors have no markings on them, I have no idea about their spec.  I have been using 9v and it seems OK, 5v from the Arduino made them run very slow.  But I don't see why you could not screw on two stepper motors after that.  If you use Wifi does that mean you can only control it via the computer?


One extra thing, if you do buy that controller then this will be useful.


IMO: just buy some stuff and play around, if you fry a thing or two what have you lost?  You're only down 2-3 euros and your intelligence has increased :)


You could control it with WiFi from your phone too (what sucks is that the WiFi shield can't be used as a host, so you have to configure it to connect to the right WiFi spot each time).

I'll be using the Adafruit Motor Shield which should manage all the motors I'm using, hopefully.

I still don't know which kind of stepper motors I should choose :/ The specs don't mean anything for the beginner I am.

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