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Hey, i got a LCD Shield from DFRobot: http://www.robotshop.com/content/PDF/dfrobot-arduino-shields-manual.pdf
Now i need to hook it up to my Arduino UNO, but i don't want the buttons (its a lcd + keypad) to waste my digital pins, because i dont need the keypad for my current project. So i thought i might not slide the shield above my arduino, but i connect it by myself via jumper wires, so i can only connect the pins i need or want. The lcd lights up when i connect Ground and 5V. But which pins from the lcd i need to connect to which pin of my arduino to change the text on the lcd ? i am not quite sure.
I posted the datasheet above, also here you can see a picture of the lcd

Hopefully someone can guide me through this :)


According to the manual, it uses an analog pin to read the keypad buttons.  So just plug it directly onto your Uno and it will only use the digital pins for the LCD.
This is an educated guess since they do not supply the schematics.

Make sure it fits and nothing shorts out as you push the shield onto the Uno.


The purpose of a shield is to stack on arduino. If you use jumper wires, you are missing the convenience of the shield. Plus, you can solder female headers on the shield to access all arduino pins. As JoeO said, the shield is not using digital pins for its buttons.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


Ok danke !
Habe es nun hinbekommen... habe einfach das shield aufgesetzt und die pins per female/male jumper wire nutzen können. Tatsächlich sind die Button nur auf A0... hatte ich wohl überlesen.
Also danke !

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