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I have a lipstick cam with RCA cables and cables leading to the 8 AA battery holder (power supply for cam).  is there a break out board to stack on top my wifi shield to accept A/V input and then transmit signals back to wireless laptop?  I see the EasyCap is RCA to USB, but people are saying the driver for the device is impossible to find. 


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The Uno/Leonardo arduinos are too slow and memory limited to process video (Due might have enough space).  If you didn't have the Wifi shield, you could reduce the frame size to something like monochrome 120x90 pixels, and use the Video Experimenters shield.

However from complaints I've read about from other users, the Wifi shield uses up most of your memory, and so you would not be able to use the Wifi shield along with something processing video.  You can get devices that plug directly into the RCA cable and send video signals wirelessly to another unit fairly cheaply, and then on the laptop use a TV card to read the signal.

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