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I have been searching off and on for several months trying to find a small 'raw' keyboard module for use in an enclosure. Other than a few Chinese sites that have little info and/or no option to buy one off's I have had no luck.

By 'raw' I mean a bare module, not a prepackaged bluetooth keyboard which are easy to come by. I am not entirely adverse to using one of the Chinese knockoffs either. My challenge is that I have been working on a very low volume, potetential saleable product and this is one of those missing components. I have considered springing  for the updated 4" 4D systems screens since they come with a Qwerty interface pre-programmed but they are expensive!

Has anyone run across something like this?



So you are talking about small full keyboards like blackberry or the like? Will you settle with multi tap?


Really need qwerty.

This is the best I have found tongiht but there is virtually zero info except size (approx 7.5" x 3.5")





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