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im looking for the simplest and most reliable way to gather multiple inputs from multiple microphones and then determine which is the loudest and the direction, is that possible?


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I'm sorry i posted the other one before i realized my question fit better under this category.


The best way is to feed each microphone into a different analogue input via the appropriate coupling circuits and amplifiers of course.
However loudness is not always related to peak voltage so one way would be to integrate the signal.

As to direction, you might get some indication from the arrival times of the different microphones but this only works with impulse noises ( think bang ) and requires a faster A/D than you have built in to the arduino. However it is not very good.


if i were to set up an array of mics forming a half circle would i be able to tell direction by which mic gets the strongest signal? or would the difference be to small to measure?

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