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I'm having difficultys getting this to work.
I'll try to explain what i'm trying to do here.

I have bought the following products
- Arduino Uno Rev3
- 5m roll LED digital flexible strip WS2801 IC 256 scale 8 bit 32pcs 5050 RGB leds
- indoor 5v 10a 50w power supplier 895L

I'm following this tutorial: http://learn.adafruit.com/adalight-diy-ambient-tv-lighting/wiring-1

The meaning of this project is to get DIY Ambilight behind my television.
Here is my problem: The led's don't respond to the command i'm sending from my pc to the arduino, it does it on it's own.

When i recieved the Arduino and the Led strip i plugged in 5V 2A power supply which was to little for the 5meter strip, i could clearly see because not all lights were going on at the time(the ones that did go on responded well to the comment i was giving them(Red, Green, Blue)). they advised at least 6A.

So then i orderd the 5V 10A PS. In the meantime i plugged in a 12V PS(oops!) iguess.. That's the moment when things got bad as in worse..
The whole strip did things on it's own. like for example, only the first 3 led's were going on and the 4th was 25% as bright as the other 3. Later there was only the first LED that went on and off, but not the right colors.

So i thought well maybe my led strip was damaged because it said 5V and i did put 12V on it. So i ordered a new led strip.

So now i got everything complete, Arduino Uno R3 + "Good working" Led strip + 5V 10A power supply, i'm using the Rev3 drivers and loading the LEDstream.pde in Arduino software, but still no luck.
It's the same problem and now i'm confused, Could it be the Arduino that i've blown up??

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