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Hi there. Well I finally got my Arduino's in the mail and I was messing around with it last night and the simple part is being hard. In the directions it says to right click on the Arduino.exe from the list and drag it to your desktop. Well the only thing on my desktop is a picture of my four-wheeler, I keep everything else under the start menu. Well I am fine with having the Arduino icon on my desktop with the wheeler pic as I plan to use it very often, but I can't seem to GET it on there. Any tips would be great. I will try to have a smarter question next time. :-) Steve



Windows XP. I had no problem downloading the Arduino stuff, and after that, I checked my disk space and still have over half. I just can't seem to get it on my desktop. Thanks so much for your reply, I am SOOO close to getting to mess with my Arduino, yet so far away... Steve

Louis Davis

Are you following the steps outlined in this guide? :

One you download and unzip it, there is really no need to move anything to your desktop.
Just double-click the arduino.exe in the folder.


Once you have installed the arduino IDE, open windows file explorer to find the directory that holds the arduino.exe file. Then just right click and hold on that file name and drag it to your desktop and then select 'create shortcut' when you release the right click. That will do it nicely.



Ok thanks, it was just real specific about having it on my desktop so I did not know if it was a big deal or not. Thanks again! Steve (off to blink!)

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