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Tektronixhas come out with a new line of oscilloscopes aimed at the hobbyist and educational market here is the link http://www.elektor.com/news/new-entry-level-oscilloscopes-from-tektronix.2323659.lynkx?utm_source=UK&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news&cat=meten/testen

I recently needed to replace my old scope and I just a used Tek scope that has fewer features (no digital storage is one) and paid a little less for it than the new Tek 25MHz scope.  Although my scope is a 100 MHz I do not need more than 25 Mhz paying a little more I would have gotten a new scope with a  5 year guarantee.


You gotta be a serious hobbyist to pay £600 for a scope.  :~


I'm very happy with my DSO Quad for Arduino work.

(You have to use the "community" firmware and replace diode D5 to get nirvana, but it's easy enough to do....)
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You gotta be a serious hobbyist to pay £600 for a scope.  :~

Especially when you can get a good used one on Ebay for next to nothing.  That is where I got mine.  Only paid a little over $100 for a Tektronix 2236 and the thing works perfect.  It's even been calibrated recently.


My 100MHz Atten scope is a lot cheaper that the Tektronix 150MHz model - somewhat less than their 25MHz model I think. And it has 7" screen and more knobs!

I don't think Tektronix will be able to compete much at those prices.
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