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Hi All,

I have a speed sensor that i believe represents speed based on a gear inside the sensor. I can modify the output by changing the gear (more or less teeth) but would like to try and do this using my arduino.

My Sensor has the following wires
1. 5v
2. Ground
3. Speed signal

I would like to read this signal with my arduino and modify it then send out the modifed version.

Can anyone help me with this.
What would the characteristics of this signal be? Square wave, Feq, voltage...
What would I be changing, the Frequency I assume?

To avoid any safety concerns the Speed gear is attached to a bicycle and a wheel that touches the tire spins the gear...


First we need to see a datasheet for your specific sensor to see if it's a true digital type sensor (just on and off pulses) or an analog sensor.



I wish I could find it... This is what the whole contration is made from, it's a sensor taken from a jeep transfer case. I did confirm on a friends jeep that the power source is 5v but that's about all I know.


Could you give an answer to both scenarios (Digital as well as Analog)?



We don't have enough info to help. You will need to hook an oscilloscope up to the signal, spin it and see what the output looks like.


I figured that would be then next answer  :). I have been putting off buying one but I guess now I do have a reason. Well whole different topic but and opinions on the DSO Nano v2 scope? Amazon has it for under $100.00 right now.

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