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I'm using the HMC6352 compass module for a navigation project. I was wondering if there is a maximum interface distance beyond which the signal of the compass is degraded. My compass works fine, but b/c of EMI issues, I need to separate it from the rest of the setup.

I've tried connecting the compass and arduino over 4ft of twisted wire, and am not getting a reading. I've checked the setup with a multimeter, and the supply and ground, and have checked for continuity and resistances. Everything seems to be fine. Is this an issue of cable length? or could I be missing something else?

thanks for any input


Twisted pair is a poor choice for signals that are not differential.
This is because the capacitance is high. Try normal cable.


would untwisting the pair be sufficient?


thanks grumpy_mike!

that seems to have been the problem. Everything works now

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