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trying to figure out what to read up on to make a capacitive switch on attiny85. What I would like it to do is start a program when you touch near the chip or hand passes by it. I've no idea where to start only a few good leads like using sleep mode to save battery and possible an interrupt to turn it on, but not sure how I could get this to work with a capacitive proximity sensor.

Also read somewhere about a 555 timer in flip flop mode to do this, but it was a bit over my head. if this is way to go I would be willing to read up on it though.
for(i = 0, i < 820480075, i++){ Design(); Code(); delay(1000); } // hellowoo.com

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Have you worked through this...


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yeah, easy with arduino, just having issues with how to implement it with attiny85. just not sure if I need hardware or if I should go software route to turn the program on. or if there is even a cap sense lib for attiny85
for(i = 0, i < 820480075, i++){ Design(); Code(); delay(1000); } // hellowoo.com

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