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Hey, all!

Nice work on the patterns!  I, too, am beginning some programming of my own, devising my own patterns.

When I bought my strip, I started by downloading the Arduino library for the LPD8806 light strip.  In that package are a fe examples for an 'LED Belt'.  I studied how that program functions.  Once I had a handle on that I extracted the essential stuff our of it to make a single patch of my own, a modified version of the 'rainbow' patch, which cycles through the HSV circle (broken into 1560 individual color units I believe).  My second patch produces random 'stars' that will fade in from whatever background is currently running.

I would be interested to swap code, see what other people are doing.  I've made a few interesting mods to the essential functions from the example.

I'll post a video of the final running program when it's done.  I'm doing it as a light installation for a friends party.

Take care,



Hi again, thanks for that information, i'll get to work starting with the basics first :)
I am so frustrated trying to get things going, but once I get started using your code and also looking at other code like the strand test, hopefully i'll begin to get to grips with it.
If all goes well i'll put up my code and youtube the results

Take a look at https://github.com/philihp/Jubilee 

He includes the patterns from strandtest, etc in a sketch that allows for the control of patterns and colors using a switch/buttons.  One of the functions is for POV, although I can't figure out how to modify the POV image to fit a longer LED strip

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