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The last thing, the film looks like the bat circuit which usually  runs their lipo battery is my best or only option for running the much larger, higher amp hour batteries, As long as I run them in parallel this should be my circuit, correct?  I basically have copied the other guy's diagram but run power to the film through the bat connections using the provided connector seeedstudio gave me with the film.   I'm hoping this and the fact I'm using my own charging circuit will work out well.

Aside from that small bit, everything feels a lot better, I'm much more confident when going through now to hook it all up.  Thanks for the help, been great.   I'm excited to get this going and put up a few pictures and maybe a small how to.


When you connect batteries through the "BAT" plug the maximum power you can draw from them is 150ma (page 5 of the PDF). This will be much too little to power your LED strip. What you'll probably want to do is use one of your three batteries to power the film and the other two, in parallel, to power the LED strip.

To do this you'd connect the two batteries to 5V/GND on the LED strip. Then also add a ground wire between GND on the strip and the film (the strip and LEDs need to agree on a 0V reference).


Cool, I think I can manage that just fine.  Thanks for all the help, can't wait to get it all together!  Its going to be neat.


I'm working on a similar project - I have a 38" diameter hoop with a WS2801 LED strip inside (96 pixels.)  The one thing to keep in mind is balance.  The film might not weight much, but the batteries to drive the controller and lights will add weight to the hoop.  This is primarily why my project isn't completed yet ... trying to work out ways to balance it.  Good luck with yours, I'm sure you'll come up with an awesome product for your friend.


Yep I got that covered.  I'm working on putting it together outside of the hoop first, and then going to give it a shot once all layed out.  I'm doing three batteries near evenly spaced, but the electronics are going to be between two of the batteries and they will be spaced about 1-2" closer to the third battery than would be considered even.   

The person this is for is a very good hooper I guess you could say.  I wanted to make a 40-38" hoop, but she is looking at a 34" or less hoop.  So, balance will be really important.  The hardest part is working with the small hoop diameter, which becomes considerably smaller right where you connect the two pieces, using a 1/2" ID piece. 

Good luck with your deal.  The luck on my setup is needing to power it ever 30 inches or so, so I can basically do that while spacing the batteries out at the same time.

Hope your project goes well.   There really should be a nice thread dedicated to hula hoops, this must be the 6th or 7th one on here by now.

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