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I have an electronic circuit integrated in a glove. I want a switch to be put on the cable connecting the battery pack (3 x 1.5 AA batteries) to the main circuit.

However I can't find this kind of switch with a small size. Most of the time they're made for cables between mains plugs and lamps, and they're too big. Do you know any retailer (in Europe) having such a component in his catalogue ?

Thank you in advance.


Maybe something from here http://cpc.farnell.com/switches-accessories_slide Some you could maybe sew to the glove fabric or mount on a tiny PCB sewn to the glove.
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I hoped for something better but for now I haven't found any alternative so that's what I am going to use. Thanks Riva.


What does the electronic circuit do, and is it based around a microcontroller? if so, have you considered putting the mcu into sleep mode when it isn't doing anything? That way, you don't need an on/off switch.
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Try a google image search, and you may see something suitable.


You can always just use a battery holder with a built in switch.
Like this http://www.electroshopdendermonde.be/index.php/webshop/elektronica-kits/voeding-en-batterijen/batterijhouder-3xaa-met-schakelaar-1152/

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