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I have a arduino nano 3.0 and im using it for a project (which is finished) but now all i need is to put it on a pcb board for etching
has anyone got a diptrace pcb file for the arduino nano 3.0?


Why not switching to EAGLE instead of diptrace? Most members here that do PCB design use EAGLE and you can find lots of libraries of parts for EAGLE.



There is a free version with certain limitations such as board size (which shouldn't be a problem).
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The free version has 100mm by 80mm size limitation and is not supposed to be used for profit. If you are making profit with your design then get the lite version, same as free but you can make profit with your design. It is about $40.


You can import Eagle files into DipTrace if necessary: Schematic and PCB files are supported via ULPs, libraries - direct import of Eagle scripts (.scr).

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