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Topic: Making a NCR 7454/Futaba M204SD01B 4x20 VFD Serial? (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


So I have a bunch of NCR7454 4x20 VFD displays.  Love the display but hate hooking it up.  It has a 15x2 connector on it and is a PITA (takes a long time) to make an break out cable.

So my intention is to make a board with a shift register that plugs directly into this connector and allow me to communicate via serial to this display.  I have seen a lot of info on doing this for LCDs.

My question at this point is what will I need to change to make this work?
I am using the Ncr4X20Vfd library to drive the display at this point.  All the examples with serial use a serial library that provides the liquid crystal library functions.  So I am thinking I will need to create a separate serial Ncr4X20Vfd library?

More info on the display:

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